The equivalent of ‘cloud’ in Hindi is ‘Badal’ and a Hindi movie of this name was released in the year 2000. Bobby Deol played the title role of Badal, and Rani Mukherji was Rani in the movie too. The story briefly is that Badal’s family gives shelter to a terrorist and gets wiped out in an encounter with the police. Badal becomes a terrorist himself and seeking revenge remains his only mission in life.

In meteorology, clouds are classified according to their appearance and height above the ground, and given different names like cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus and so on. ‘Badal’ does not fit into any of these known categories. This ‘cloud’ seems to be more ‘under a cloud’!

There was one more film, ‘Barsaat’, in which too Bobby Deol was the hero and had the name Badal.