The town of Cherrapunji in northeast India has earned global fame as being the wettest place on earth. But there are other places, like Mawsynram, a neighbouring town, the city of Mumbai on the west coast of India or the island of Aminidivi in the Arabian Sea, which have also received exceptionally heavy rainfall.

In a recent correspondence by Rajendra Kumar Jenamani and S. C. Bhan (Current Science, August 2008, Vol. 95, page 299), some authentic rainfall records from the data archives of the India Meteorological Department have been published and these are as given below.

Highest 24-hours rainfall records in India:

(Here the 24-hour period is counted from 0830 IST (0300 UTC) of a day to 0830 IST of the next day.)

156.3 cm at Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) on 15–16 June 1995

116.8 cm at Aminidivi (Lakshadweep) on 5–6 May 2004

103.6 cm at Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) on 13–14 June 1876

99.7 cm at Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) on 11–12 July 1910

98.9 cm at Mawsynram (Meghalaya) on 9–10 July 1952

98.7 cm at Dharamapur (Gujarat) on 1–2 July 1941

98.5 cm at Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) on 12–13 September 1974

94.4 cm at Santacruz-Mumbai (Maharashtra) on 26–27 July 2005