An archive of satellite images of India, Indian Ocean and surrounding regions, taken by the Indian meteorological satellite, Kalpana-1, is available at the web site of the Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis, USA. The Kalpana-1 image archive can be accessed by going to the SSEC web site at and then following the links ‘Images and Data’ and ‘Kalpana Image and Navigation Quality Tiles’. Alternatively, one can go straight to

To view the archived Kalpana-1 images, the date has first to be selected from a calendar, the time from the list of available images, and the channel and sector from the thumbnail gallery. Images are available from November 2007 onwards.

The India Meteorological Department has also recently started archiving Kalpana-1 images and products on its web site The direct link is The archive begins from January 2009.