This new book deals with a large variety of surface meteorological instruments used by countries all over the world. It discusses at length the basic principles of measurement of various weather parameters, the design features and functional details of the instruments, their operational and standardization procedures and international measurement practices to be followed to obtain global data reliability.

The book is suitable for all those dealing with meteorological instruments and measurements in the field and in the laboratories of the meteorological services; for numerous other organizations engaged in studies and management of wind and solar energy, atmospheric pollution, agriculture, etc. and as a text and reference book for teachers and students of atmospheric and environmental sciences at the universities, agricultural colleges, secondary schools and allied teaching institutions.

Dr. G.P. Srivastava has successfully accomplished a most difficult task of bringing together all these aspects (design, operation, maintenance, etc. in this book. It epitomizes his deep knowledge and decades of experience in the field. I am sure it will be useful to a wide variety of readers.

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