According to the U. S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) web site ( Thursday, 5 February was celebrated as National Weatherman’s Day in the U. S., commemorating the birth of John Jeffries in 1744. Jeffries, one of America’s first weather observers, began taking daily weather observations in Boston in 1774 and he took the first balloon observation in 1784. “This is a day”, says NOAA, “to recognize the men and women who collectively provide Americans with the best weather, water, and climate forecasts and warning services. Many of us take weather information for granted. Turn on a light switch, you get light. Turn on your television or radio, or check a web site and you get the weather forecast. It’s easy to forget that around the clock, dedicated meteorologists and weathercasters are vigilantly creating forecasts to help you plan your day, and issuing warnings to help keep you safe.”

It is nice to hear some one speaking a kind word about the weathermen, and weatherwomen of course! – R R Kelkar