Miss monsoon

“Chocolate” is a Hindi movie that was released in 2005. It is a crime thriller, and is said to be a copy of the Hollywood movie “Usual Suspects”. It begins with an explosion in a motor boat that shatters a peaceful Christmas eve in London. This is followed by a daring robbery from an armoured vehicle carrying twenty billion pounds. The police suspect two Indians, Pipi (Irrfan Khan) and Sim (Tanushree Dutta) and they are subjected to intense interrogation. A crime journalist (Sushma Reddy in her debut performance) comes to know about their plight, meets them, and persuades her boyfriend-lawyer Krish (Anil Kapoor) to take up their case. Krish makes Pipi and Sim tell him the truth and they do that in bits and pieces which eventually fit into place like in a jig-saw puzzle.

I have been writing a series of posts, under the category Filmy Weather, about Indian films that had something to do with weather. “Chocolate” does not fall into this category. But I am writing this post because of something that struck me most – the crime journalist. No, not her role but her name. Guess what? The journalist’s name was Miss Monsoon Iyer! That was perhaps the sweetest bite of the chocolate!