Mausam has been an essential ingredient of many a popular Hindi film song. In the past, Mausam has been called deewana, suhana, rangeen, haseen, and so on. But now it has become awesome as well. ‘Mausam’ and ‘awesome’ rhyme so well with each other!

The Hindi movie, Kidnap, released in October 2008, had this song:

Sun sun sun toh ai hawa,
Na chal tu yun chhu ke tann mera,
Dekhe koyi chhede mujhe mausam manchala,
Mausam yeh awesome bada
Jadu chaa gaya…

Phir khula aasman, tune mujhe hai de diya
Shukriya, shukriya, kaise kahu main shukriya
Kya kahu kya karu, bas mein nahi hai yeh jiya
Jee liya, jee liya iss pal ko maine jee liya
Kal phir se yeh hoga na hoga yeh sama
Mausam yeh awesome bada
Jadu chaa gaya…

Chulbuli, chulbuli, kaisi hawa yeh chulbuli
Gudgudi, gudgudi sare badan mein gudgudi
Door se dhoondati kiski nigahein aa rahi
Kyon mujhe yun nayi itani adayein aa rahi
Geela hai tann, bheega badan, mann mein pyaas kya
Mausam yeh awesome bada
Jadu chaa gaya…

The song, written by Mayur Puri and sung sweetly by Shreya Ghoshal, has been picturized on Minissha Lamba who has been kidnapped by Imraan Khan. On the pretext of having a bath, she persuades Imraan Khan to take her to the beach. The mausam is indeed awesome, with blue skies, sandy beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and white waves lashing black rocks. At the end of the song and the bath, she makes an attempt to run away but does not succeed. Otherwise, the story would have ended too with the song.