“Aasma”, a Hindi film released in 2009, is about a group of six friends, who have a passion for theatre and drama, and are are aspiring to make a name for themselves. They decide to form an amateur theatre group and choose to call it “Aasma”, meaning the sky.

The group sets out to realize its dreams and does find some success and popularity. However, there are obstacles all along the way. It is not easy to find sponsors. One financier agrees to help but he wants his own name to be projected instead of the group’s name. Threatened with a loss of identity, the group decides to go about on its own, but this is even more difficult. They find a script writer but he meets with an accident. Each of the six friends has some problem or another, there are internal rivalries and difference of opinion, and their dream gets a severe blow when one of them is found to be HIV positive. But life goes on and the story finally ends on a happy note.

The film’s cast comprises some well-known artistes like Seema Biswas, Sachin Khedekar and Raghuveer Yadav and other lesser known faces. As a whole, the film is an amateurish attempt and fails to impress. But what I liked is the moral of the story, that whatever the odds, one can always attempt to rise above them and soar high. If there is perseverance, faith in one’s ideals and hope in the future, only the sky is the limit.