My post Simla Office at Pune has been a very popular one. It has recorded over 2,500 views and if you follow the Comments threads, you will see that it has brought together people having past associations with Simla.

Two of my former India Meteorological Department (IMD) colleagues, Mr S. K. Banerjee and Mr G. S. Iyer, recently sent me some vintage pictures of the Simla Office building at Pune and group photographs taken in front of the building. I have digitally enhanced these pictures and put them on this blog.  Those who are interested in the history of Pune city may like to see them and I am sure that many who have an emotional attachment to IMD will feel nostalgic.

Please click on the thumbnails to view the larger pictures.

An aerial view of the Simla Office taken in 1928 by the Royal Air Force. Note the absence of any buildings in the Shivajinagar area (Bhamburda, as it was then called). Only the IMD residential bungalows are visible and they still exist.

A photo of the plaque which was unveiled by the then Governor of Bombay, Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, to mark the official opening of the new IMD headquarters building on 20 July 1928. Since the IMD headquarters were earlier at Simla, this building later became popularly known as Simla Office.

A group photo of the Dr C. W. B. Normand, then Director General of Observatories and other senior IMD officials, taken at the time of the inauguration of the headquarters building on 20 July 1928.

A rather unusual view of the Simla Office building taken from one corner. The building is so designed that the corners of the tower point to the north, east, west and south directions.

A group photo taken on 23 January 1978 taken on the occasion of the Eighth Conference of Forecasting Officers at Pune. Mr Y. P. Rao was then the Director General of Observatories. (Dr. R. R. Kelkar, then Meteorologist Gr I, can be seen standing in the second row, sixth from right.)

A group photo showing Dr S. K. Banerji, then Director General of Observatories, Dr. V. V. Sohoni, who later succeeded him as DGO, and others. The photo was taken around 1949-50, but the exact date and the occasion are not known.