Mausam, a 1975 Hindi film directed by Gulzar, had little to do with the weather or climate. It is the love story of a doctor (Sanjeev Kumar) who goes on a short visit to Darjeeling and falls in love with a local girl (Sharmila Tagore). He promises to return and marry her, but he does that only after twenty five years. In the mean time, the girl has died but she has left behind a look alike daughter (also Sharmila Tagore) who has been forced into the flesh trade. The latter half of the story is about the doctor’s attempts to rescue the girl as he feels responsible for what has happened to her and her mother.

The film had two beautiful songs: “Dil dhoondhata hai fir wahee furasat ke raat din” sung by Bhupinder and Lata Mangeshkar and “Ruke ruke se qadam ruk ke baar baar chale” sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Both songs were written by Gulzar, and the music was given by Madan Mohan.

It is in the song “Dil dhoondhata hai” that Gulzar describes the changing seasons of love:

Dil dhoondhata hai, fir wahee furasat ke raat din
baithe rahe tasawwur-ye-jaana kiye hue

Jadon ki narm dhoop aur angan mein let kar
ankhon pe kheench kar tere daman ke saye ko
aundhe pade rahe kabhi karawat liye hue

Yaa garmeeyon ki raat jo purawaiyan chale
thandi safed chadaro pe jage der tak
taron ko dekhate rahe chhat par pade hue

Barfilee sardiyon mein kisi bhi pahad par
wadi mein gunjati hui, khamoshiyan sune
ankhon mein bheege bheege se lamhe liye hue