Those were the days when the world had not heard of global warming. There was romance in the cool breeze, and love in the winter sun.

The now-forgotten Hindi film of 1951, Naujawan, had this can-never-be-forgotten song, sung by Lata Mangeshkar under the music direction of S. D. Burman:

Thandi hawayen, lehra ke aaye
Rut hai jawan, unko yahan, kaise bulaye

It was picturised on Nalini Jaywant, dancing sweetly to the rhythm of the cool winds while thinking of Prem Nath. The artificial flowers and branches in the studio sets were made to sway gently as if to prove that the winds were indeed there. There were a couple of dream sequences interspersed in the song.

In the 1955 Guru Dutt film, Mr and Mrs 55, there was another cool song:

Thandi hawa, kali ghata, ahi gayi jhoom ke
Pyar liye dole haseen, nache jiya ghoom ke
Kah do koi aaj ghata barase jara dhoom se
Pyar liye dole haseen, nache jiya ghoom ke

It was sung by Geeta Dutt to the inimitable music of O. P. Nayyar and picturised on Madhubala. The scene however had little to do with the beautiful words of the song. The setting was a swimming pool and Madhubala and her companions danced around it holding designer umbrellas as protection from the winter sun. There were no black clouds to be seen in the background and no evidence of chilly winds. But the song is lively and even today makes one jhoom in nostalgia.

In 1961, came this beautiful song sung by Kishore Kumar, with music set by Kishore Kumar, and picturised on Kishore Kumar, in the film Jhumroo:

Thandi hawa, yeh chandni suhani
Ae mere dil, suna koi kahani

Saare haseen nazare
Sapno mein kho gaye
Sar rakhke asman pe
Parbat bhi so gaye

Aise mein chal raha hoon
Pedon ki chhaon mein
Jaise koi sitara
Badal ke gaon mein

In the film, Kishore Kumar is shown walking through the woods, and there are intervening shots of a faraway Madhubala.

All the above songs were shot in black-and-white, but then there was this song in colour in the 1966 film, Do Badan:

Jab chali thandi hawa, jab uthi kali ghata
Mujh ko ae jaan-e-wafa, tum yaad aye

Asha Bhosle sang this song for Music Director Ravi. The song sequence was shot in the open, with a group of happy girls surrounding a sad Asha Parekh who is thinking of a distant Manoj Kumar. There are no dark clouds, but there is surely a strong winter wind as we see colourful flowers and Asha Parekh’s dupatta swaying with it.

Another lively and colourful song was this one from the Hindi film Prince (1969):

Thandi thandi hawa mein dil lalchaye
Haye jawani deewani
Pankh bina ye udti jaye
Haye jawani deewani

It was sung by Lata and the music was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan. In the film it was a vivacious dance number, shot in Kashmir, in which Vaijayantimala and other belles outwitted the wind speed in their actions. Shammi Kapoor was shown just sitting in his car and being wooed by the dancing girls.

In the more recent film, Haathi Mere Saathi (1971), came this song:

Sun ja aa thandi hava
Aha tham ja ae kali ghata

It was a Lata-Kishore duet and music was given by the duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal. The song was picturised in a rather contrived situation, in which Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja were basking in the winter sun on hammocks and were rocking throughout the long song sequence. Apparently the winter winds were pretty strong! But again there were no signs of any dark clouds.

Afterwards, with the advent of global warming, this entire genre of cool songs vaporised into hot air. But even today, we still have these old songs to sing along.