Anna Hazare has already announced 27 December 2011 as the date of his next fast and Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan as the venue for the agitation.

However, according to news reports, there are second thoughts about the venue. And the rethinking is not due to an adverse political climate but because of unfavourable weather conditions.

Delhiites are quite aware of the fact that in the last week of December, Delhi weather can be at its worst. Minimum temperatures usually drop to around 4 degrees, there is a good chance of rain, and of course there is fog.

In the heat of the moment, these cold facts were perhaps disregarded while fixing the date of Anna’s fast on 27 December at Delhi. So now, the news reports say, the venue of the fast is likely to be shifted to Mumbai’s Azad Maidan. That will be at a safe distance from a western disturbance as well as a political one. It is good to be weatherwise if not otherwise!