India played the first T20 match against Australia on 1 February 2012, and lost it. This defeat was different from the previous four because maybe it was the rain that played spoilsport for India. Or perhaps it was not just the rain but the rain forecasts that came in the way of India’s victory.

As per news reports, this is Dhoni’s explanation of India’s defeat:

“The weather played a big part in it. In England, we didn’t win any tosses and it rained in the second innings and our bowling suffered because of that. This is the first toss I won over here and with the rain forecast I thought we would chase. But then it rained and spinners had difficulty in gripping the ball.

“With the rain forecast and with the learning from England, I thought we would chase because the wicket gets better to bat on.”

“I thought the wicket, if it doesn’t get better it would at least remain the same. We got off to a good start but after that it didn’t rain. It started to turn and grip and the odd ball was bouncing more than the normal delivery. It was difficult.”