Knowingly or unknowingly, meteorological concepts creep into everyday life and thought. Chetan Bhagat, in his latest book What Young India Wants, discusses four major problems that we all face in life. Interestingly, he calls them the four ‘storms of life’ that threaten to extinguish the flame or spark within us. Chetan’s storms of life are:
1. Disappointment,
2. Frustration,
3. Unfairness, and
4. Loneliness of purpose

In his book (ref: chapter entitled ‘Sparks’) Chetan describes the storms and their disastrous consequences in some detail, but he does not suggest any mitigation measures or preventive actions. He only predicts that the storms would keep coming unavoidably into our lives at regular intervals, and all that we can do is to keep our raincoats handy.

As I thought more about Chetan’s storms, I could not help feeling that these are not the result of any recent climate change over our country. They hit people regardless of age, nationality, position or wealth, and they have always been doing that before. That is why solutions are already available in the old wisdom of the Bible.

Disappointment comes when returns are not commensurate with effort, says Chetan, and that challenges will always be there. The Bible tells us to build our lives on faith and hope.

Frustration happens when you feel stuck, on which Chetan’s advice is that life should not be taken too seriously. The Bible assures us that there is a time for everything and we need patience.

Unfairness is the hardest to deal with according to Chetan, and he says that it is how our country works. The Bible says that how fair we are to others is equally important and that God will repay.

Loneliness results in isolation, says Chetan, and makes one realize that one is unique, and that leads to conflict. The Bible makes it clear that each one of us is a child of God, and that makes us unique and gives us a unique reason for existence.

The wise man builds his house on a rock that can withstand storms.