In the creation history narrated in the Bible, there is a time when God saw how corrupt the earth had become, and he even regretted that he had created man!  So God decided to bring a flood upon the earth to destroy all life, but he also allowed one righteous person named Noah to survive the disaster. Noah was told to build an ark large enough to accommodate his family and also pairs of all living creatures with adequate provisions. Noah heeded God’s warning, built that ark, and they all remained safe during the global flood that lasted a hundred and fifty days (Book of Genesis, Chapters 6-9).

In our 21st century times, human beings have realized that the uncontrolled pumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has once again corrupted the earth. They are now scared to death of its consequences and they fear that climate change will force people to flee from their homes to safer places. But perhaps such a safer place would be difficult to find. So they are now planning a modern version of Noah’s ark that would accommodate the so-called climate refugees.

Pictures of the modern Noah’s ark are now available on the internet. A completely self-sufficient floating city intended to provide shelter for future climate change refugees, called Lilypad, has been designed by an architectural firm. The Lilypad, which is designed to look like a waterlily, is intended to be a zero emission city afloat in the ocean. It will produce its own energy and absorb all the CO2 it will generate. One Lilypad can accommodate 50,000 refugees. More information about Lilypad is available at and Lilypad pictures can be viewed at

Living in such fantasy homes looks like a dream right now. Only climate change can make it a reality..!