Premachi Goshta

The new Marathi film, “Premachi Goshta” (Story of love) is not based on a conventional love triangle, but a love rectangle ABCD. At corner A is Ram Subramanian, a hybrid Marathi manoos (Atul Kulkarni), and at corner C is Sonal, an atypical Marathi mulgi (Sagarika Ghatge – remember Chak de! India?). Both of them are struggling with their respective broken marriages.

Ram is a script writer for films and hires Sonal as an assistant. They both start working on a love story for a new film. The story and their relationship evolve in parallel, as if they are writing the story of their own lives. They continue to work together as professionals, finding it difficult to openly express their love.

But as always, the monsoon comes to their rescue. The emotional outpouring comes with a beautiful song in the background, sung by Bela Shende and Swapnil Bandodkar:

Olya sanj velee, unhe savalees bilagavee, tashee tu javalee ye jara…

(Like on a wet evening, the sun’s rays go chasing the shadows, come closer)

Korya kagadachee kavita an jashee vhavee, tashee tu halke bol na…

(Like a poem born out of a blank paper, say something softly)

This is not the usual Bollywood rain song. Ram and Sonal are not even together in the song. They are at two different places, but perhaps under the same rain-giving monsoon cloud. Ram is drenched to the skin. Sonal is tenderly collecting the raindrops in her palms. But these are intermittent showers. The breaks in between allow the director to include black and white flashbacks in what would otherwise have been the continuous blue of the rain.

When the script goes silent, the rain says it all…