A Joyous Morcha

By Robert Clements       

Crowds rushing home from the historic Ballard Estate in Mumbai, the grim faced commuters in the buses, the urchins on the road, as also the shoeshine boys soliciting business looked puzzled, confused: They were used to morchas, processions that agitated for a cause, protested against some atrocities, they were used to anger on faces, venom spouted, but never had they seen a joyous morcha on the busy roads of Mumbai!


What a scene, what a joyous gathering of thousands winding their way from the Bible Society office opposite CST station, singing, dancing, praising God, smiling at passersby with the love of Jesus writ on their faces. What a picture I beheld, as I solemn faced, a little reluctant at first to join in found the ‘God mood’ contagious, joined in the singing and laughing, and joyousness that only a God above could have instilled into the ‘morcha’ on the 13th of June, two days ago.

Two hundred years ago, on the same 13th in the month of June, the Bible Society had been formed in Mumbai, with the purpose of spreading the good news to all the people in the city. Many moons later and with hundreds of translations in different languages done, and with millions of the Good Book distributed the society was doing a victory march for God.

‘Lord we need the rains!’ they’d prayed, ‘the fields are parched, there’s a drought in the state, but don’t let a drop fall on the rally!’

It rained, when the people waited outside, it rained when the music truck with giant speakers arrived, it rained where the farmers needed the rain, but not a drop fell when joyous morcha wielded its way to the St Thomas Cathedral.

A man came to me while I was walking, “will you pray for me?” he asked. I had never prayed on the roads before, but suddenly I did not hesitate, ‘Faithful God,” I said, “Take care of this gentleman who says he needs prayer!” I felt a peace, the peace of the One above descending on both of us.

It was incredible; there was a sense of joy, it spread from the happy morcha makers, into the buses, where suddenly commuters smiled, onto bystanders, whose faces too broke out in grins, onto the urchins on the road, who looked at each other and clapped their hands with glee, and even the busy shoeshine boys gave an extra shine for a God who’d made a hurried, rushing, ‘catching a train and getting back home’ evening into a whole canopy of contagious exultation.

Thank you Bible Society, thank you Rev Victor, for spreading Jesus joy through a ‘morcha’, in the city of Mumbai..!


The above article is reproduced from two internet sources