“A Rainy Day” is a Marathi film with an English title. I was curious to know what it was about; so I went to see it first-day-first-show.   

Aniket (Subodh Bhave) is a successful man, and Mugdha (Mrinal Kulkarni) is the woman behind him. However, Aniket is not only successful; he is ambitious, corrupt and ruthless. Mugdha is honest and has her own set of values to live by. The film is basically about of Mugdha’s sruggle with herself. It is on a rainy day that things which were supposed to be secret get revealed one by one in a bizarre way, but at the end she finds liberation.

“A Rainy Day” had to have rain and a lot of it too. But for once, the rain felt real and authentic. The sound was particularly real. One could hear thunder as if it came from outside the theatre. And one could feel and hear the rain as if it was raining inside the theatre. The skies looked really grey. One could imagine being in the driver’s seat, the windshield wipers working hard, and yet unable to see much beyond. And one tried to light a candle on the grave while it poured incessantly. And one was really walking slowly in the rain without an umbrella. The entire film was rain-soaked as every important event was accompanied by rain of appropriate intensity.

“A Rainy Day” surely makes you think about many things. Like why do you wait for the monsoon eagerly every year? For meeting your needs of drinking water, for raising crops, of course. But after watching “A Rainy Day” you feel that you need the monsoon for an annual cleansing of the sins of the body, soul and spirit.