nilofar track

The Kalpana-1 image of 26 October 2014 (2345 UTC) shows Cyclone Nilofar over the Arabian Sea. The graphic shows the cyclone track of the US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Centre, Hawaii, as of 26 October 2014 (2100 UTC). 

This is a reminder from nature that not all cyclones are like Phailin or Hudhud. Many cyclones do not follow well-drawn paths that can be predicted 4 days in advance.

Nilofar’s track shows twists and turns. It has been moving slowly, keeping safe distance from all coasts. No one knows for sure where it would eventually make landfall or whether it may dissipate over the sea itself. In the present situation, whom can you warn and what can be the warning?

Nilofar, it seems to me, is deciding its own destiny!