A Meteorologist’s Poem

A Meteorologist’s Poem

I thought I would be a cloud one day,
And look to the earth for a glimpse of her face,
And spot her smile in the sunshine around.

Or I would be just a little raindrop,
And fall on her cheek,
And kiss her if only for a moment.

Or I would come down as a drizzle,
And linger on her lips,
And trickle all the way down caressing her.

Or I would burst into a downpour,
And shower her with my love,
And drench her in my care.

I thought I would be a breeze one day,
And tease her gently,
And whisper my thoughts into her ears.

I thought I would be a mighty storm,
And sweep her off her feet,
And hold her close to me, forever.

But alas! these were just thoughts,
I am still on the earth and watch the skies.

I look to the cloud for a glimpse of her face,
I search the sunshine for her fleeting smile.

I wait for the raindrop to give me her kiss,
I long for the drizzle to bring me her touch.

I seek her love in the torrents of rain,
I listen to the breeze for her whispered voice.

I await that storm to gather strength,
And lift me off this earth,
And take me to her, for eternity.

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  1. Anand Naik
    Sep 17, 2014 @ 19:15:27

    For family members, particularly those living in US.. being deprived of customs & rituals, there is vulnerability of loss of values arising through practices of prayers, puja, bhajan, stotras, mantras.. Pls provide internet sources for referencing and practicing ageless service of the divine Hindu guidance


    • Prof R R Kelkar
      Sep 17, 2014 @ 23:45:24

      Dear Anand,
      You are right! In the present age, when everything is changing so rapidly, human values that have stood the test of time are getting eroded. Parents have no time to talk to children. Under the name of secularism, schools desist from moral teaching.
      I thank you for visiting my site and posting a comment. But this blog is about weather and climate and not human values. I have two other blogs, one about daily living and another about prayer. Both are in Marathi. If you feel interested, the links are http://khristijeevan.wordpress.com/ and http://maziprarthana.wordpress.com/
      R R Kelkar


    • Anand Naik
      Sep 18, 2014 @ 04:41:19

      A reply will do a lot of good to all connected. Pls act in the matter


      • Prof R R Kelkar
        Sep 18, 2014 @ 15:38:50

        I have already replied. Kelkar

  2. sunderarajan
    May 31, 2008 @ 10:12:50


    so, you have not changed your ways. why do you continue to clam up when it comes to journos.

    it is true that monsoon is governed by several factors. but, are may temperature or rains just one among the various factors. is it not quite likely may temperature or rains are because of a combination of several factors. i am just a lay person and you are an expert. i would be happy if you could clarify the point.

    i was talking to an expert, whom i cannot identify in a blog, but who should know what he is talking. he said that it was certainly a worrying aspect and said one would have to wait and watch.


  3. rrkelkar
    May 31, 2008 @ 01:30:31

    Dear Sundararajan,

    It was nice to hear from you. I have been doing quite a few things after my retirement. One of course is blogging. The other is writing books. I published one on Satellite Meteorology in November 2006. My next book is on Monsoon Prediction and it should be out by this July if things go well. This book addresses all kinds of issues about various aspects of monsoon prediction and you will have to wait for your answers until then. But to put it briefly, the monsoon is not governed by just one factor so don’t worry about May temperatures per se.

    Will be happy to remain in touch.


    R R Kelkar


  4. sunderarajan
    May 30, 2008 @ 14:45:28

    this is p.sunderarajan of the hindu newspaper from delhi. hope you remember me. i have been going through your blog with great interest.

    i always thought you were a very very serious scientist. i could never imagine you could be so naughty, if i can use the word. good. please keep it up. lets get to know more of your other side.

    may also request you to post more pieces explaining the science behind monsoon and other meteorological phenomenon in simple languauge that could be understood by laymen like me.

    meanwhile, i would like to have your opinion on the following. it is generally held that temperatures in april/ may must be appreciably above normal in central india for a good monsoon. this year, it has not happened. on the contrary, this year has witnessed quite a wet may. does that mean, the monsoon would not be good this year? perhaps, you could reply to the query to my mail id and not post it on the blog. as usual i promise that it would be totally confidentiality, off the record.



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