“Weather Satellites” by Prof. R. R. Kelkar

It is an acknowledged fact and also a common experience that the accuracy of weather prediction has increased substantially in the last two decades or so. This can be attributed to a large extent to the continuous upgradation of the capabilities of weather satellites. India has always been at the forefront in this area and currently it has two very sophisticated state-of-art INSAT-3D satellites that provide half-hourly images of the weather, and a variety of data like vertical profiles of temperature, cloud motion winds and sea surface temperature.The purpose of this book is to explain the science behind the weather satellites, the constraints of technology, and the wide possibilities of application. That too in a simple way that would make it interesting to readers whether they are well-versed with meteorology or not.


1. An Eye in the Sky
2. India’s own INSAT
3. Interpreting the Images
4. Monitoring the Monsoon
5. Tracking the Cyclones
6. Winter Weather
7. Observing the Oceans
8. Looking at Land
9. Wind and Temperature
10. Counting the Clouds
11. Measuring the Rain
12. Inside the Clouds
13. The Ozone Hole
14. Predicting the Weather

Publisher: BS Publications, Hyderabad/Indian Meteorological Society, New Delhi
Pages: 108 Hardcover
Publication Year: 2018
ISBN-10: 9387593649
ISBN-13: 978-9387593640

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